Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.
— Sophia Loren

I was walking down the street and saw my reflection in a window next to an super stylish 20 something. It was like taking a bullet. At what point did being over 40 mean giving up? I instantly woke up from my fashion coma, threw all of my clothes out and went on a diet.

Beauty is wasted on the youth? Screw that! There is enough for everyone. 

I started with the baseline…what did I look like walking my dog (Coco)?  When I was in the crosswalk what impression did the people waiting at the red light have? What impression did I want them to have? Show Pony? or Dog Walker?

This blog is dedicated to all the fashion divas bringing it to the streets. I plan to learn from you.

Life’s short, dress how you want to feel. Wear all of your good stuff. Next time you’re in the crosswalk strut it out like the show pony you are.