Change Your Look?!

People tell me all of the time that they want to change their style. They say that they buy the same thing over and over again. Well... next time you go to the store, pick up what you want to buy and then buy something different. Right? Try something, ANYTHING different.

Find a cute stylish sales person and ask them what they think would look good on you. They spend all day reviewing the latest trends in fashion. They also give you compliments when you've done well (love it). If you don't like their suggestions, ask someone different. There is really is no magic behind changing your look; you just have to be open to change.

I  think about what silhouettes look good on me and try to work around that. Of course I still buy things that might look better on someone else or just a total thumbs down. The point is that I'm learning what works along the way.

Seriously, it's hard can it be? Pretty hard sometimes. Think about how long it took for people to stop using fanny packs ;)

Paris Fashion Week, Spring 2014